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Hey naughty guy, what are you looking for in this website? Let me guess are you looking for a special companion to have some kind of fun and tell you that in which way you should have fun and will ignite your life with love, and other naughty things which makes your life much better. I know you are looking for a special hot girl like me who would love to complete your desire and will be the only one who will make your life much better.

My love I know it's hard to live your life alone and make the things working. So that I am able to make the things working and most importantly live my life so that I am able to make the things much simpler and give you whatever you want. You know I love beaches and this is the reason I came here and settle down as a high profile escorts in Cochin and would prefer to live my life in my own way. this is the reason I am proud to become a independent escorts in Cochin.

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My name is Yomika Tandon and I am a Independent escorts in Cochin who would love to be your life and will be happy to bring a complete package of love and desires. Let me give you complete description about me and also for my body basically I am not a whitish queen I have a little cream color and with some shade of pink color on the important part of my body like my lips who always remain red even when I don't put lipstick on my lips and my nipples they are also have same color but are light in color.

So, that I can make my life better and make it far better. To be frank I came to Cochin to complete my high studies and want t be graduate from a repudiated university of Cochin so that I can make my career in better way but when I see deep eyes of Cochin man than I am not able to control myself and I desperately want to complete all the needs of those man who are trying hard to make their life work. So this is the reason I am here and I love to be an independent escorts in Cochin. As I love to make the things much better and make the things much easier.

So what are you thinking of you can make your life better and I am not going to deny for anything when you are with me and I love to make the things much simpler and if you want to love me or want to enjoy with me than for that you just have to come and call me and trust me I am not going to deny you and make the things as per your demand. After your entire smile and a satisfaction face is the only thing I would prefer to have to live my life.

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